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Ease the Burden

of Estate & Divorce Division

Be good to you and your family. DivvyMaster impartially helps you list and distribute possessions fairly, removing much of the emotional charge often created in the process. Ideal, even when the parties are thousands of miles apart.
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How does it work?

  1. Register parties and list all items to be divided
  2. Assign values, estimated or appraised
  3. Complete 5 question survey
  4. A tailored division method is available from several options to allow for a fair outcome
  5. Each party's share is tracked with reports
  6. Unchosen items are listed for sale or donation


"I can see how lots of my clients would have saved so much time and appreciated having this system to divide the household items. I will definitely be steering my clients to DivvyMaster when it is available." Keri - Divorce Attorney