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Dividing assets in death, downsizing or divorce is stressful, time consuming and often emotionally destructive – We want to help divide things, not families.

Service Providers That Can Benefit from DivvyMaster

Practical Tools to Help Ease the Burden of Estate or Divorce Divisions. Often counselors and therapists value learning about new tools which help clients address challenging issues and significant ...

Offer Your Clients a New Service That Helps Ease the Burden of Divorce Divisions. Helps Divide Things, Not Families. Often in the course of mediating or conducting a divorce, the truly important issu ...

Trust Depts. / Banks / Estate Attorneys & Planners / CPAs – Practical Tools for Adding Value for Clients by Easing the Burden of Estate Divisions The practical challenge of trying to provide a full estat ...

Appraisers /Accountants / Auctioneers / Funeral Directors Add a New, Meaningful Service to What You Offer Your Clients by Helping Ease the Burden of Estate or Divorce Divisions. Help Them Divide Thin ...

How does it work?

  • List all assets to be divided online, and assign values, estimated or appraised (or use the DivvyMaster Listing Services)
  • Invite parties to the Division and assign their entitled percentage of the total estate
  • A Division process is applied impartially to all parties combining emotional and monetary values
  • Each party’s share of the assets is allocated and tracked with reports
  • Unchosen items may be organized and printed for sale or donation


If within 30 days of purchase you do not feel the DivvyMaster system helped make your division a more organized and peaceful process than what you would have done otherwise, write us describing why and we will refund 100% of your money. Our goal is to provide a service that truly helps you in this process.

“Like a divorce, a fair division usually leaves neither party totally happy, but provides a new starting ground to get there afterwards.”

“A successful division usually leaves no party feeling as though they “won”, but all parties in a position to move forward with a fresh start.”


  • “We needed this! My Dad’s estate was well prepared, but the house contents were to be divided between the brothers.  It was so overwhelming to us at the time, we had it packed up and put into two storage units to deal with later.  That was seven years ago, and nearly $20,000 in storage fees paid so far.”

    Jim S. (one of five brothers)
  • “I can see how lots of my clients would have saved so much time and appreciated having this system to divide the household items. I will definitely be steering my clients to DivvyMaster when it is available.”

    Keri – Divorce Attorney

We Want to Help Divide Things, Not Families.

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